Our Charitable Intent

  • TRACTION helps young people who are experiencing poverty, misfortune or distress as a result of institutionalised welfare dependency, learning disability or behavioural disorder, suffering directly or indirectly from addiction, domestic violence, abuse and mental illness, involvement with the youth justice system, indigenous disadvantage, physical disability, ethnicity, being a refugee or asylum seeker or other similar cause.
  • TRACTION delivers tangible benefits for vulnerable young people and their families through hands-on, action-based education experiences, including the Bicycle Build, Boom Box (e-waste recycling, 3d printing & fabrication), Small Engines and Permaculture programs.
  • TRACTION serves those most at risk by providing a safe, inclusive environment where participants build self-esteem. Participants emerge with the confidence to re-engage at school and in community and lead better lives.
  • We reach them before they fall through the cracks, helping them rediscover the joy of learning and build their own powerful and positive futures.
  • TRACTION mentors are positive role-models who empower participants to develop practical and social skills in a workplace-like environment.
  • We understand that everybody learns differently, and some young people don’t realise their potential in a classroom or have been excluded from schools.
  • Based on self-determination theory, TRACTION engages participants through a strong focus on practical learning, behaviour and goal setting, self-awareness and monitoring, respectful relationships, personal responsibility, health and wellbeing.