Supporter Dinners

TRACTION holds an intimate, annual Supporter Dinner in a community we serve, to recognise the support of our key partners and to raise funds for local projects and programs. Find out more

Friends of TRACTION

The "Friends of TRACTION" event is our annual fundraising dinner. First held in October 2018 at Cloudland, the evening provides the chance for supporters, and those experiencing TRACTION for the first time, to find out about how TRACTION is progressing. Find out more

Raffle On

TRACTION runs a major fundraising raffle each year, with the prize typically a unique motorcycle.
TRACTION is also provides bicycles as prizes for local community fundraisers, typically run by corporate partners, community organisations and schools. Find out more

Other Community Events

TRACTION runs, or participates in, events that engage young people and their families and foster community. Find out more